Yellow Pages Card Holder

Yellow Pages

This [card holder design]( re-uses last year’s YellowPages directory as its main material. The directory needs to be rolled up and inserted into a metal tube. The size and exact use of the object is up to the maker, from photos to notes, [business cards]( to envelopes.

Games are closed

Olympic Games

Photo: DON EMMERT/AFP/Getty Images.

The Big Picture [published]( some highlights of the last week at Beijing Olympic Games and a few shots of the Closing Ceremony.

3D Business Cards

Трехмерные визитки

Graphic-design student ([Emerson Taymor]( made these 3D [business]( [cards]( Wonderful, Emerson!

Naked Lush

Голые продавщицы

Alexandra Kummer (24) works in Lush shop at Alexanderplatz. Photo: Reuters.

In Berlin, beautiful employees of British cosmetics firm Lush [unwraped themselves]( for the campaign against excessive wrapping in beauty products and toiletries.

They [argue]( that unnecessary plastic packaging is contributing to climate change.

Голые немки скачать

Photos: Reuters.

To reduce their impact on the environment, Lush sell soaps and massage oil bars that have little or no packaging at all.

Голозадый маркетинг

Photo: DAVIDS.

Last year same campaign was driven by employees of the Lush shop in [Wimbledon](