photo, transport Russian metro stations in black and white

05.02.2015 15:46   

Photos by Andrey Kruglikov.

These photos of Saint Petersburg and Moscow Metro systems were taken by Russian photographer Andrey Kruglikov. They highlight the rich architecture that Russians see on their daily commutes.

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marketing, retro, transport Aeroflot commercial of 1965

23.10.2013 00:33   

Photo by S. Solovyov / RIA Novosti.

Advertisement of Soviet airline Aeroflot placed on the Metropol hotel, Moscow, 1965. I like the catchy slogan: Tupolev – fast, convenient, efficient.

photo, transport Scarlet sails

21.06.2011 00:31   

Photo by AP.

Crowds gather to look on as a frigate with scarlet sails makes its way along the Neva River in St. Petersburg. The ship was part of a light-and-firework show celebrating school graduations.

marketing, retro, transport Soviet Car Ads

29.10.2010 05:16   

Moskvitch 410. Scans by Hugo90.

Another portion of the Soviet export advertising and it’s all about cars this time. Soviet cars weren’t the most comfortable automobiles in the world, but the brands were fancy – Volga, Moskvitch, Zaporozhets.

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photo, transport Full Moon

28.06.2010 23:25   

Full Moon
Photo by EPA via

A plane flies in front of the full moon in the night sky over Frankfurt am Main.