history, Science, space, video Sergei Korolev, The Chief Designer

01.02.2015 15:11    ,

Most people have never heard of him during his lifetime. Before his death he was often referred to only as The Chief Designer, because the Soviet leadership feared that the United States would send agents to assassinate him. Engineer and spacecraft designer Sergei Korolev quietly developed the revolutionary rocket technology that we still use today. He is considered by many as the father of practical astronautics.

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comics, crime, video Real life superhero of Chelyabinsk

30.03.2011 22:35   

A real life superhero who calls himself Avenger (Mstitel) began to defend residents of Chelyabinsk, the Russian industrial city.

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music, video Sasha was Walking on the Highway

15.11.2010 04:04   

Awesome clay animation for “Sasha was walking on the highway”, the newest single of the Russian band Neschastny Sluchai.

novosibirsk, people, politics, video Grannies vs Putin

05.01.2010 19:37   

Russia’s Prime Minister [Vladimir Putin]( is a well-known fan of judo, but he could face his greatest challenge yet as a martial arts class for grannies is ready [to challenge Putin on the mat](

“Vladimir Putin! We invite you to come here. We can show you what we have learned”, – says Lyudmila Ignatenko, aikido class student from [Novosibirsk]( – “You know, once a Japanese guy came here – I knocked him out. Why not try it with Putin?”

“Vladimir Vladimirovich! Please come here! And if you allow us – we will try our favorite grips on you”, – says another aikido class student, Lyubov Adamchik.

Mr Putin possesses a black belt in judo, so it is likely he will not be easily knocked out. Regardless, the ladies are well-prepared.

“The ladies are not playing here, we don’t gather for tea or chatter. This is aikido as it should be”, – says aikido trainer Andrey Podoinikov.

music, people, video Reverse Fairytale

29.07.2009 14:23   

Amazing Russian band [Plan GoBla]( performs songs backwards live without any special effects. This time they reversed the song Fairytale by the winner of Eurovision-2009 Alexander Rybak.

At 1:55 the video begins to play in the opposite direction and you can listen to the song in its normal sound.