architecture, photo Ice Yoda

06.01.2010 16:20   

Ice Yoda

Photo: [Alexander Kotomin](

Moscow hosts International festival of snow, ice and light sculpture “Vyugovey 2010”.

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11.09.2009 18:05   

Открытие Интерры

Photo by [Marco Fieber](

The Interra Youth Forum [opening]( The Opera Theatre, Novosibirsk, Russia.

novosibirsk, people, photo Look!

10.09.2009 03:59   

Выставка Смотри!

Photos by [Maya Shelkovnikova](

Contemporary Art Exhibition “Look!” opened today in Novosibirsk.

Выставка современного искусства

The opening was very exciting: pornographic pictures on the walls were in abundance, the musicians were wonderful, a cultural critic Sergey Samoilenko talked to vice-governor Andrei Filichev, as a modern artist Slava Mizin of the “Blue Noses” group launched fireworks from his own pants.

Современное искусство

Музыканты играютТанцы, музыка

Художник Мизин

Слава Мизин

And this, my friends, is the primary sensation of the evening: Gary Oldman came to the opening of the exhibition in Novosibirsk!

Гэри Олдман

Mr Oldman friendly talked to local residents and even made a commentary for TV. By the way, [Robin Williams]( came to Novosibirsk to watch the total solar eclipse last year.

design, photo Statue of Liberty from Scrap Metal

25.08.2009 12:58   


Photos by [Lugerovski](

The replica of the Statue of Liberty was built from scrap metal in Russian city of Yelabuga. Oh, those Russian sculptors.

Scrap Metal

Statue of Liberty

architecture, eco, photo Green City

17.08.2009 02:14   

Писающая панда

Peeing Panda Fountain. Photos by [Dmitry Kobsev](

Architectural Festival “Green City” was held in the Altay Mountains (Russia) in early August. Participants built architectural objects from materials that can be found at the scene. According to organizers, this is one of the principles of eco-architecture. The aim of the festival was to create a model architecture that is able to blend with the environment.

Зеленый город

Our colleague [Dmitry Kobsev](, who visited architectural festival, said, that he was impressed by impractical objects, like The Temple of Wind or The City of Flowers. “This is a bare idea, a sort of concept, not a claim for housing”, – said Dmitry Kobsev.

Фестиваль молодых архитекторов

Архитекторы на Алтае

Мультинские озера

Архитектурный фестиваль Зеленый город

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