photo, woman Miss Wet T-Shirt in Kiev

27.07.2009 22:05   

Miss Wet T-Shirt Kiev

Tatiana Savitskaya (right) won the competition. Photos by Yaroslav Debely / [](

Miss Wet T-Shirt contest took place in Kiev on July 25. Tatiana Savitskaya (17), a student of the Kiev Institute of International Relations, won the competition. She got a trip to Turkey and the opportunity to get on the cover of one of the men’s magazines.

Miss Wet T-Shirt in Kiev 2009Wet T-Shirt Contest

Miss Wet T-ShirtMiss Wet T-Shirt Kiev

Miss Wet T-Shirt

Miss Wet T-Shirt in Kyiv 2009

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comics, people, photo Spider-Man in Moscow

14.05.2009 03:04   


A natural gas pipeline [exploded]( in western Moscow early Sunday, sending flames up to 200 meters into the air in what a top city official called the largest fire in the capital since World War II.

The spectacular fire drew a large crowd of onlookers, including a person who showed up wearing a Spider-Man suit but abstained from any attempts at heroics. “Mayor himself called me! — Spider-Man announced to everyone. — He asked me to save Moscow from fire!”

[More photos of fire]( and it’s [consequences](

history, photo, retro, space Soviet Signs Cut Into Forests

25.03.2009 13:44   

Giant Soviet Signs Cut Into Forests

“100 Years to Lenin”, made 1970, Siberia.

Collection of [giant soviet signs]( cut into forests.

people, photo, politics Smokie

14.03.2009 13:22   

Smoke Opposition

Photo: [Alexey Sazonov]( France-Presse/Getty Images.

An opposition activist held a flare in Moscow Thursday. Hundreds of people marched against the Kremlin, shouting “We need a different Russia” and “Russia without Putin”.

history, people, photo, politics Cover Boris

19.02.2009 23:36   

boris eltsin

March 1991.

First Russian President Boris Yeltsin on Time covers.

Борис ЕльцинЕльцин на обложке

September 1991 и March 1993.

Борис Ельцин в TIMEБ.Н. Ельцин

July 1996 и September 1998.