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Barak Obama

Photos by [Callie Shell](

Barak Obama [became]( 44th US President. Yes We Can.

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

Civil Defence

Civil defence exercises

Photo: [Valery Titievsky](

[Civil defence exercises]( in one of the local schools. Novosibirsk, USSR, 1989.

Herzau in Novosibirsk

Andreas Herzau

Photo: Andreas Herzau.

[HelloHamburg HelloNewYork]( is a blog about street photography by [Andreas Herzau]( in Hamburg and [Stefan Falke]( in New York.

Andreas Herzau currently resides in Novosibirsk, Russia, and makes nice shots every day.

Natalia Vodianova: I try to be a good mother

Natalia Vodianova
Natalia Vodianova. Photos by [Maya Shelkovnikova](

Natalia Vodianova’s the [Naked Heart Foundation](, which builds play parks for Russian children, has opened its playground in Novosibirsk, Russia, on 20th of September. Natalia Vodianova told at the press-conference the playground was built with the support of local authorities for about 9 millions rubles which were shared between the foundation, city administration and local NGO. Read More