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Miss Wet T-Shirt in Kiev

Miss Wet T-Shirt Kiev

Tatiana Savitskaya (right) won the competition. Photos by Yaroslav Debely / [](

Miss Wet T-Shirt contest took place in Kiev on July 25. Tatiana Savitskaya (17), a student of the Kiev Institute of International Relations, won the competition. She got a trip to Turkey and the opportunity to get on the cover of one of the men’s magazines.

Miss Wet T-Shirt in Kiev 2009Wet T-Shirt Contest

Miss Wet T-ShirtMiss Wet T-Shirt Kiev

Miss Wet T-Shirt

Miss Wet T-Shirt in Kyiv 2009

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Oldest Person in the World is 130 Years Old

Oldest Woman

Officials in Kazakhstan say they [have a found]( a woman who will this week celebrate her 130th birthday, making her 16 years older than the oldest known human currently living.

Sakhan Dosova — a mother of ten — says she has never visited a doctor nor eaten sweets. She is addicted to cottage cheese and puts her longevity down to her sense of humour.

Her date of birth is said to be 27 March 1879, and it is clearly shown on her documents including her Soviet era passport and independent Kazakhstan identity card.

Naked Lush

Голые продавщицы

Alexandra Kummer (24) works in Lush shop at Alexanderplatz. Photo: Reuters.

In Berlin, beautiful employees of British cosmetics firm Lush [unwraped themselves]( for the campaign against excessive wrapping in beauty products and toiletries.

They [argue]( that unnecessary plastic packaging is contributing to climate change.

Голые немки скачать

Photos: Reuters.

To reduce their impact on the environment, Lush sell soaps and massage oil bars that have little or no packaging at all.

Голозадый маркетинг

Photo: DAVIDS.

Last year same campaign was driven by employees of the Lush shop in [Wimbledon](