Elia Kabanov

Elia Kabanov

Elia Kabanov is a science writer covering the past, present, and future of technology. He’s interested in climate change, renewable energy, and the history of inventions. He works as an editor-in-chief at metkere.com and a science journalist at Tayga.info. Elia Kabanov has lectured about science and technology in India, Bangladesh, Germany, Belarus, Uzbekistan, and 30 regions of Russia.

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My achievements:

— ICFJ A Journey of Shared Discovery Fellow (2019)
— Erice International School of Science Journalism Fellow (2017)
— DW’s The Best of Blogs Winner as a Best Russian Blog (2010)

My bylines:

– “A bomb ahead of elections”: Russian scientists decide to classify pollution data – Tayga.info, 02.04.2021
Political virus. How the Covid-19 pandemic raises approval ratings of world leaders – Tayga.info, 26.03.2020
Warmer waters mess with the Northeast’s right to fish – Salon, 26.06.2019
Climate Change Isn’t Only Changing the Course of History, It’s Making History Itself Harder to Study – Mother Jones, 22.06.2019
Warmer waters mess with the Northeast’s cod-given right to fish – Grist, 21.06.2019
Climate change could ruin archaeological sites before we get the chance to study them – Grist, 19.06.2019
Forget Colonizing Mars. We Can All Move To Russia When The World Heats Up – HuffPost, 14.06.2019
Forget colonizing Mars. We can all move to Russia when the world heats up – Grist, 13.06.2019
Snails with penises will help to assess the Arctic pollution – Tayga.info, 22.05.2019
How one gene mutation helped indigenous peoples of Siberia to adapt to harsh conditions – Tayga.info, 06.03.2019
How Russian scientists develop new ways to fight agricultural pests – Tayga.info, 23.12.2018
How technology will change agriculture – Tayga.info, 06.12.2018
Five Top Scientific Discoveries of 2016 – Bird in Flight, 04.01.2017
9 Top Scientific Discoveries of the Year – Bird in Flight, 30.12.2015
Why Soviet Union didn’t make it to Mars – Metkere, 11.03.2015

In the media:

The quiet game: How scientists in Siberia tried to conceal pollution research – Meduza, 10.04.2021
La pollution en Sibérie, un sujet trop sensible, à en croire les scientifiques russes – Le Monde, 30.03.2021
Russian Activists Use Bitcoin, and the Kremlin Doesn’t Like It – CoinDesk, 15.07.2020
The science of social distancing – BBC, 26.03.2020
Move to Russia, not Mars – Axios Future, 14.06.2019
Russia Is Trying to Copy China’s Approach to Internet Censorship – Slate, 04.04.2017
Media internet rusa está bajo las garras de Putin – Eldiario.es, 27.10.2014
Putin’s new blogger law explained – Animal, 07.05.2014
What next for social networking site VKontakte? – The Calvert Journal, 26.04.2013
Russian graffiti tour – Animal, 23.08.2012
New Times Are Reason for Debate in Russia – The New York Times, 06.12.2009

Public speaking:

Over the past years, I have given hundreds of presentations and lectures on science, technologies, and media. I participated in dozens of science festivals, such as the Geek Picnic, Arctic Wave, and Skolkovo Jazz Science to name a few. Among my clients were Siemens, Auchan, Yandex, Rusal, Rosatom, Amway, and other major corporations. I moderated panel discussions at the St. Petersburg Cultural Forum, Moscow Urban Forum, Open Innovation Forums, and other high-profile events.

– Dhaka, Bangladesh: The Future of Work. Professional skills in 2050. Energy of the Future, online lecture
– Delhi, India: Scientific discoveries of the year. Delhi Public school, lecture
– Dhaka, Bangladesh: Why science is so important. Rosatom, lecture
– Yekaterinburg, Russia: Science communications workshop, hosted by the British Embassy in Moscow. Boris Yeltsin Presidential Center, moderator
– Chennai, India: Why science is so important. Rosatom, lecture
– Moscow, Russia: Data & Science: Large Hadron Collider. Yandex, moderator
– Moscow, Russia: Fact-checking and countering fakes. Thomson Reuters Foundation, master class
– Moscow, Russia: Loud Allowed Contest. British Embassy in Moscow, jury member
– Moscow, Russia: SHIP, a New CERN Experiment. Yandex, moderator
– Novosibirsk, Russia: US-Russia Innovation Dialogue, co-led by Howard Solomon (National Security Council) and Jared Cohen (State Department). State Department, speaker
– Berlin, Germany: Media policies as part of relations between Russia and the EU: the state of Russian media and blogs. Europäisches Jugendforum, speaker

Full list of my appearances (in Russian)

My interview with Esther Dyson:

Interview with Markus Frey:

Panel discussion on innovation in action: