13 weird Soviet robots

Робот Орион. Фото: А. Соломонов/РИА Новости
All photos: RIA Novosti.

In the Soviet Union, robots were an important part of ideology. In the bright future of communism it would have been their duty to work hard while Soviet people were to take advantage of self-development and prepare the colonization of Mars. In every Young Pioneers Palace and House of Young Technicians schoolchildren were creating their own, very exotic at times, robots. Grown-up engineers were also not falling behind. metkere.com presents 13 weird Soviet robots – from the secretary with the tray to synthesizing diamonds moustache robot.

Boris Grishin, creator of automatic radio-electronic secretary (ARS), 1984:

Борис Гришин создатель автоматического радиоэлектронного секретаря.  Фото: Г. Макарычев/РИА Новости

Walk at the Station of the Young Technicians, 1969:

На станции юных техников. Фото: К. Каспиев/РИА Новости

Knight of the radio electronics, robot created by Pozitron union in Leningrad, 1971:

Рыцарь радиоэлектроники. Фото: Г. Копосов/РИА Новости

Working robot models created in Kaliningrad and presented at All-Union exhibition Creativity of the Young, 1971:

Роботы. Фото: Роман Денисов/РИА Новости

Children from the modeling hobby group of The Central House of Children’s Creativity checking the working processes of the robot, 1973:

Ребята проверяют модель робота. Фото: Рудольф Алфимов/РИА Новости

Robot created by members of Station of Young Technicians in Kaliningrad during the walk on the city streets, 1969:

Робот на прогулке. Фото: Г. Щербаков/РИА Новости

Robot for synthesizing diamonds at the exhibition of Kiev Institute of Superhard Materials, 1974:

Робот, синтезирующий алмазы. Фото: Б. Градов/РИА Новости.

Underwater robot Crab created by students of Moscow Higher Technical School named after Bauman, 1980:

Выставка Научно-техническое творчество молодежи-80. Фото: Столяров/РИА Новости

Robot leading the excursion at the Department of Automatics at Polytechnical Museum in Moscow, 1969:

Робот ведет экскурсию по отделу автоматики. Фото: Владимир Вдовин/РИА Новости

Six-grader Larisa Shmadchenko preparing Samodelkin robot created by group from city Young Pioneers Palace for upcoming performance, 1976:

Шестиклассница Лариса Шмадченко и робот Самоделкин. Фото: Ю. Евсюков/РИА Новости.

Creations of young craftsmen from Young Pioneers Palace on the city streets, 1971:

Робот на улицах города. Фото: Щербаков/РИА Новости

Young woman looking at the creation of young technicians, 1969:

Девушка и робот. Фото: Щербаков/РИА Новости

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Translated by Nastya Parfenova.

Photos by A. Solomonov (1), G. Makarychev (2), K. Kaspiev (3), G. Koposov (4), Roman Denisov (5), Rudolf Alfimov (6), G. Sherbakov (7, 12, 13), B. Gradov (8), Stolyarov (9), Vladimir Vdovin (10), Y. Evsyukov (11).