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Animals, Science Birds saved centuries old documents in their nests

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Photos by Alexey Alexeyev.

During the restoration work in the Assumption Cathedral built in early XV century in Zvenigorod Russian archaeologists found numerous birds’ nests built throughout several centuries under the decayed roof. Researchers were surprised when during the decomposition of the nests they started finding paper documents from different periods in the addition to birds’ bones and eggshells. In particular, they found XVIII century manuscripts and notes from early XIX century.

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comics How Superman captured Hitler and Stalin in 1940

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In February 1940 Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster drew comic strip for the Look magazine, picturing the Man of Steel as a hero of World War II, who captured Hitler and Stalin, and brought them to the League of Nations. Next year Germany would attack the Soviet Union, making Stalin an ally of the Great Britain, France and the US.

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architecture, photo, sports The remnants of Moscow Olympics

24.03.2015 19:25   


The heritage of Moscow 1980 Summer Olympics was shot by Russian photographer Anastasia Tsayder for her project “Olympics”. Olympic buildings, mostly designed in 1975-1978, acted as a manifestation of prosperity and power of the Soviet State, Anastasia Tsayder writes on her portfolio. The remnants of Moscow Olympics serve as an example of what may happen to sport venues over time. Certain locations are still used as intended, some were adapted for new functions, some are left half abandoned. Many buildings did not blend into city structure, initially conceived to be messengers from the future they now look like aliens from the past, the photographer concludes.

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history, Science, space Why Soviet Union didn’t make it to Mars

11.03.2015 17:48    ,


Ballet and space were considered to be showcases of the Soviet Union. In modern Russia ballet is rarely mentioned but space news regularly make the headlines. Russia and China are negotiating joint projects of Mars and Venus exploration, as Russian Federal Space Agency official declared last year. Not sure if space official is aware, but the USSR had similar plans in early 1960s.

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Education, marketing, novosibirsk Marketing of education in Novosibirsk University: freshmen, graduates and Instagram

24.02.2015 18:51    ,

Motivational video for freshmen and English-speaking audience, lectures of professors from European universities and student photo contest on Instagram – Novosibirsk State University (NSU) actively engaged in marketing of education. Speaker of one of the events in which I participated last summer said that he had heard of only two Russian universities – Moscow State University and Higher School of Economics. If NSU not to slow down, you may receive a third university on the list.

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