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photo, retro Good Old New York City

13.11.2008 19:14   

New York

Wonderful [photoset]( of New York in the 1930s.

design, movie Happy Endings

10.11.2008 18:59   

The End

The [end titles]( collection.

design, novosibirsk, transport IKEA decorates subway train in Siberia

07.11.2008 20:08   


Photos by [Maya Shelkovnikova]( & [Ilia Kabanov](

Last night a subway train decorated in IKEA style was introduced in Novosibirsk (Russia). Four cars were turned into a mobile showroom of the Swedish design.

The redesigned train, which features a colorful seats and fancy curtains, will carry passengers until June 6, 2009.



IKEA in subway


[More photos here](

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people, photo, politics Obama

05.11.2008 13:50   

Barak Obama

Photos by [Callie Shell](

Barak Obama [became]( 44th US President. Yes We Can.

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

Barak Obama

people, politics Loser with a Knife

05.11.2008 00:37   

Our German friend Falk Lüke [summarizes]( the eight years of George W. Bush administration in his blog:

> Being the winning loser of the first election in 2000 against Al Gore, Bush with his legendary hands-on-anti-intellectualism showed the world what happens, if you give someone a knife without telling him that it’s a dual use good. You can slice bread with it or you can slice people.

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