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Russian Hardware

Russian Printer

Lenpolygrafmash UD-M Printer.

Russian manufacturer Lenpolygrafmash [produces]( a series of computer peripherals for operation in harsh climatic conditions. Difficult to judge how they are reliable, but the design and characteristics inspire respect for the Russian technical genius.

Pictured above: **Lenpolygrafmash UD-M Printer**. Designed for printing alphanumeric and graphic information. Provides high reliability operation in [harsh mechanical](, climatic conditions, transport, including marine vessels.

> Interface — CENTROLNICS, RS232C.

> The system is compatible with the Epson LX-800 commands.

> The speed of output — not less than 12 characters per second.

> The level of acoustic noise — less than 55 dB.

> Dimensions — 355x345x115 mm.

> Weight — less than 14.5 Kg.

Russian Color Printer

Lenpolygrafmash Color Inkjet Printer UDC.

**Color inkjet printer UDC** is designed for color printing of alphanumeric and graphic information for the operation in harsh mechanical and climatic conditions.


The printer is installed on two platforms, with rubber shock absorbers, and placed in a sealed, metal casing is made of hard aluminum alloys.

> **Main characteristics**


> Interface — USB.

> Memory — 32 MB of embedded RAM, 8 MB of ROM.

> Print quality — color printing with a resolution of 1200 dpi.

> Print speed — 2 pages per minute with a maximum resolution.

> Dimensions – 490x240x170 mm.

> Weight – less than 12 kg.

> Operating temperature -10 to 40 ? C.

> Storage temperature -40 to 85 ? C.

Russian Skanner

Lenpolygrafmash Flatbed Scanner SK.

**Flatbed scanner SK** is designed for reading high-quality color and grayscale information in the documents of A3 format (A4 in the design) in the rigid mechanical and climatic conditions.


The metal case ensures the stability of the scanner at [low temperatures](, shaking and dust. The design allows the scanner to read information from the uneven surface of deployed instruments cover sheet and documents to guarantee the safety of the original in the scanning and transmitting information to the PC via the USB connector.

> **Main characteristics**


> Resolution — 300/600 dpi.

> Scan Time — less than 2 minutes.

> Dimensions — 540x420x200 mm max.

> Weight — less than 20 kg.

> Operating temperature range — from minus 40 to + 50 ? C.

> Storage temperature range — from minus 50 to + 70 ? C.

And our favorite gadget:

Russian USB Flash drive

Lenpolygrafmash USB Flash Drive.

The design allows the use of the device in harsh mechanical and climatic conditions. Possible functions of a password to access the memory device using a special software.

> **Main characteristics**


> Interface — USB 1.1

> Capacity — 128 MB.

> Operating temperature range — from minus 40 to + 70 ? C.

> The time information storage — 10 years.

> The number of cycles of recording — 100000.

> Dimensions — 72x31x12 mm.

> Weight — 80 grams.

Unfortunately, the price of devices is not listed on the site.

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IKEA decorates subway train in Siberia


Photos by [Maya Shelkovnikova]( & [Ilia Kabanov](

Last night a subway train decorated in IKEA style was introduced in Novosibirsk (Russia). Four cars were turned into a mobile showroom of the Swedish design.

The redesigned train, which features a colorful seats and fancy curtains, will carry passengers until June 6, 2009.



IKEA in subway


[More photos here](

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