ephemera, marketing, retro Soviet print advertisements of 1950s

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Advertisements of various Soviet products – from lemonade and mineral water to alarm clocks and rubber boats – were published on the back pages of some issues of Ogonyok magazine beginning from the middle 1950s. The Soviet marketing always was one of my favorite topics so I’ve scanned 8 ads and now sharing those with readers of metkere.com. Seems as modern designers and copywriters can learn a lot from their Soviet colleagues from the middle of XX century. First page represents tea that ‘has pleasant taste and exquisite flavor’.

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infographics, marketing, retro Soviet brochure from Expo 58

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Scans via jericl cat.

What a stunning brochure of the Soviet pavilion at Expo 58! Remarkable illustrations, good-looking map and scheme, the lovely promo-girl in a bikini advertises leisure in the Soviet Union – what more can you ask for.

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