music, video Sasha was Walking on the Highway

15.11.2010 04:04   

Awesome clay animation for “Sasha was walking on the highway”, the newest single of the Russian band Neschastny Sluchai.

music, people, video Reverse Fairytale

29.07.2009 14:23   

Amazing Russian band [Plan GoBla]( performs songs backwards live without any special effects. This time they reversed the song Fairytale by the winner of Eurovision-2009 Alexander Rybak.

At 1:55 the video begins to play in the opposite direction and you can listen to the song in its normal sound.

music, video Moonwalk in Moscow

12.07.2009 17:56   

A nice tribute to [Michael Jackson]( Russians dance “like MJ” [in streets of Moscow](

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music, novosibirsk, people Michael Shalenko-Jackson

02.07.2009 19:31   

A Russian woman from Novosibirsk region [has decided to name]( her newborn son after Michael Jackson.

Jackson fan Yevgenia Shalenko, 29, gave birth to a boy on the day of the pop legend’s death.

“My son’s birthday is both the happiest and the saddest day of my life, as the first thing I learned after recovering from labor was that Jackson had died”, Shalenko told.

The woman has already filed a request to register her son as Michael Shalenko-Jackson.

ethnic, music, video ‘We are the Champions’ in Altay Language

07.08.2008 00:06   

Here’s a weird version of the Queen’s song “We are the champions” sung in [Altay language]( by the local musicians.

And the same song in Karelian: