art, media, Religion, retro, space How Soviet media satirised religion by space allusions

03.02.2015 17:52    ,

The first furrow in the virgin land of space.

Soviet Union had a lot iof religious satire, The Calvert Journal notes, as shown by selection of beautiful and weird space-themed cartoons from the 1960s.

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art, retro, space 5 space-themed vintage Soviet postcards

26.01.2015 18:50    ,


The Soviet Union had some problems, but one thing they got right was space art. io9 published gallery of adorable postcards from the USSR made by artists who boldly imagined future life in outer space.

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art, diy, space I will survive: Space poster

13.04.2011 14:44   

I will survive: Space poster

To commemorate the anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s flight, we created a thematic poster. It called I will survive and demonstrates the fragility of humankind in the Universe.

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art, photo World’s Smallest Aquarium

23.02.2011 14:16   

Photo: Chris Murphy via The Telegraph.

The world’s smallest aquarium was made by a Russian artist Anatoly Konenko. His tank is just 30x24x14mm and holds a mere 10ml of water.

art, novosibirsk, Science Caution, Mammoths!

19.11.2010 04:18    ,

Яйцо мамонта

Photos by Maya Shelkovnikova.

The “Mammoth Egg” exhibition opened in the Siberian Museum of Contemporary Art in Novosibirsk, Russia. The exhibition presents artifacts designed to confound archaeologists of the future – the “Caution, mammoths!” warning sign, canned “mammoth meat” and “mammoth milk”.

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