crime, interview, politics, terrorism Edwin Bakker: Investment in the rule of law is the best counterterrorism strategy

11.01.2014 17:08   

Edwin Bakker

Dr. Edwin Bakker, Director of the Centre for Terrorism and Counterterrorism, told why terrorists targeted Volgograd and how Russian authorities should deal with them.

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comics, crime, video Real life superhero of Chelyabinsk

30.03.2011 22:35   

A real life superhero who calls himself Avenger (Mstitel) began to defend residents of Chelyabinsk, the Russian industrial city.

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crime, infographics Accessibility of Drugs

01.02.2011 01:49   


An interesting infographics on accessibility of drugs in Russia and Europe published in The Moscow Times.

art, crime, photo Russian Criminal Tattoos

30.10.2010 13:25   


The London show Russian Criminal Tattoos features a series of photographs of prisoners and their artistic tattoos.

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