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09.09.2010 23:53   

“Are you thinking about holidays in the USSR?” Scans by John Coulthard. Click pictures to enlarge.

Sputnik was a Soviet magazine published from 1967 until 1991 by the Soviet press agency Novosti in several languages, targeted at both Eastern Bloc countries and Western nations. It was a digest of the most interesting Soviet news. In addition, the Sputnik touted the achievements of socialist industry.

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marketing Olialia Cola

10.07.2009 18:39   

Olialia ColaSexy Cola

A Lithuanian soda brand [Olialia Cola]( could easily win a prize for the most sexy Cola ad.

Секси КолаОляля Кола

Olialia ColaOlialia Cola

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marketing, video First Beer Commercial in North Korea

04.07.2009 03:12   

North Korea’s latest launch is not missiles, but a TV advertising campaign for a locally-brewed beer.

The advert, billed as the “Pride of Pyongyang”, [promises drinkers]( that the beer will help ease stress. “It represents the new look of Pyongyang. It will be a familiar part of our lives”, the advert says.

Taedonggang Beer Factory has been making the brew since 2002.

history, marketing, video Short History of Marketing

23.01.2009 19:20   

Michael Reissinger from the Scholz & Friends agency made this animation about history of marketing.

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22.08.2008 23:45   

Голые продавщицы

Alexandra Kummer (24) works in Lush shop at Alexanderplatz. Photo: Reuters.

In Berlin, beautiful employees of British cosmetics firm Lush [unwraped themselves]( for the campaign against excessive wrapping in beauty products and toiletries.

They [argue]( that unnecessary plastic packaging is contributing to climate change.

Голые немки скачать

Photos: Reuters.

To reduce their impact on the environment, Lush sell soaps and massage oil bars that have little or no packaging at all.

Голозадый маркетинг

Photo: DAVIDS.

Last year same campaign was driven by employees of the Lush shop in [Wimbledon](