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“Are you thinking about holidays in the USSR?” Scans by John Coulthard. Click pictures to enlarge.

Sputnik was a Soviet magazine published from 1967 until 1991 by the Soviet press agency Novosti in several languages, targeted at both Eastern Bloc countries and Western nations. It was a digest of the most interesting Soviet news. In addition, the Sputnik touted the achievements of socialist industry.

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25.03.2009 13:44   

Giant Soviet Signs Cut Into Forests

“100 Years to Lenin”, made 1970, Siberia.

Collection of [giant soviet signs]( cut into forests.

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Россия в цифрах

Comparative population in various countries. From left to right: China, Great Britain with colonies, Russia, United States, Germany, Japan, Austro-Hungary, Great Britain and France.

Published in 1912, the Nicholas Rubakin’s book «Russia in Figures» contains wonderful examples of vintage infographics.

Разные вероисповедания в России

Comparative strength of different faiths in Russia. Orthodox, Old Believers, Armenian Apostolic, Roman Catholics, Lutherans, other Christians, Jews, Islam, Buddhists, and the remaining

Дореволюционная инфографика

Comparative strength of the peoples living in Russia. Russians (with the Ukrainians and Belarusians); Turks and Tatars; Poles; Finnish tribes; Jews; Lithuanians; Germans; Caucasians and Georgians; Highlanders; Armenians; and other

Статистика знает все

The professional composition of the Russian population. The relative strength of professions.

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photo, retro Good Old New York City

13.11.2008 19:14   

New York

Wonderful [photoset]( of New York in the 1930s.

novosibirsk, photo, retro Civil Defence

04.11.2008 13:59   

Civil defence exercises

Photo: [Valery Titievsky](

[Civil defence exercises]( in one of the local schools. Novosibirsk, USSR, 1989.