futurism, retro, Science 13 weird Soviet robots

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Робот Орион. Фото: А. Соломонов/РИА Новости
All photos: RIA Novosti.

In the Soviet Union, robots were an important part of ideology. In the bright future of communism it would have been their duty to work hard while Soviet people were to take advantage of self-development and prepare the colonization of Mars. In every Young Pioneers Palace and House of Young Technicians schoolchildren were creating their own, very exotic at times, robots. Grown-up engineers were also not falling behind. presents 13 weird Soviet robots – from the secretary with the tray to synthesizing diamonds moustache robot.

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ephemera, marketing, retro Elite store for the Soviet diplomats

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Ассортимент Березки

Source: valaamov-osel.

The catalogue and price-list of the Soviet currency stores called Beryozka. This catalogue was published in 1983.

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ephemera, marketing, retro Soviet Plastic Bag from Expo 67

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Photo by emma_brown.

This amazing artifact came from the Soviet pavilion at Expo 67. Comrades, drink Stolichnaya vodka and do not forget about fruit compote!

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infographics, marketing, retro Soviet brochure from Expo 58

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Scans via jericl cat.

What a stunning brochure of the Soviet pavilion at Expo 58! Remarkable illustrations, good-looking map and scheme, the lovely promo-girl in a bikini advertises leisure in the Soviet Union – what more can you ask for.

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futurism, retro, transport Soviet era futurism

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Soviet Era Futurism

This illustration of the atomic hover express appears in the Soviet I want to know everything! almanac published in 1969.

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