Eco-City inside a giant Siberian crater

Photo source: AB Elise.

AB Elise, the Russian architectural firm, has developed the project called Eco-city 2020, aimed at rehabilitation of the industrial zone in the town of Mirny, Yakutia. Eco-city will be built in the man-made crater with a diameter of about a kilometer and a depth of 550 meters.


Apparently, this man-made crater is, in fact, Mir Mine – the second largest excavated hole in the world. The quarry will be covered by a glass dome. The total area of eco-city will be 2 million square meters, it will accommodate a 100 000 people.


The architects suggest that their ‘garden city’ will become the landmark of the Eastern Siberia. However, according to SakhaNews, no one heard about the project in Yakutia yet.



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