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ephemera, marketing, retro Soviet print advertisements of 1950s

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Advertisements of various Soviet products – from lemonade and mineral water to alarm clocks and rubber boats – were published on the back pages of some issues of Ogonyok magazine beginning from the middle 1950s. The Soviet marketing always was one of my favorite topics so I’ve scanned 8 ads and now sharing those with readers of Seems as modern designers and copywriters can learn a lot from their Soviet colleagues from the middle of XX century. First page represents tea that ‘has pleasant taste and exquisite flavor’.

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crime, interview, politics, terrorism Edwin Bakker: Investment in the rule of law is the best counterterrorism strategy

11.01.2014 17:08   

Edwin Bakker

Dr. Edwin Bakker, Director of the Centre for Terrorism and Counterterrorism, told why terrorists targeted Volgograd and how Russian authorities should deal with them.

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futurism, retro, Science 13 weird Soviet robots

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Робот Орион. Фото: А. Соломонов/РИА Новости
All photos: RIA Novosti.

In the Soviet Union, robots were an important part of ideology. In the bright future of communism it would have been their duty to work hard while Soviet people were to take advantage of self-development and prepare the colonization of Mars. In every Young Pioneers Palace and House of Young Technicians schoolchildren were creating their own, very exotic at times, robots. Grown-up engineers were also not falling behind. presents 13 weird Soviet robots – from the secretary with the tray to synthesizing diamonds moustache robot.

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marketing, retro, transport Aeroflot commercial of 1965

23.10.2013 00:33   

Photo by S. Solovyov / RIA Novosti.

Advertisement of Soviet airline Aeroflot placed on the Metropol hotel, Moscow, 1965. I like the catchy slogan: Tupolev – fast, convenient, efficient.

novosibirsk, Science Cathode st. intersects Anode st.

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Cathode street (Katodnaya ulitsa) intersects with Anode street (Anodnaya ulitsa) in Russian city of Novosibirsk.

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