comics How Superman captured Hitler and Stalin in 1940

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In February 1940 Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster drew comic strip for the Look magazine, picturing the Man of Steel as a hero of World War II, who captured Hitler and Stalin, and brought them to the League of Nations. Next year Germany would attack the Soviet Union, making Stalin an ally of the Great Britain, France and the US.

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comics, crime, video Real life superhero of Chelyabinsk

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A real life superhero who calls himself Avenger (Mstitel) began to defend residents of Chelyabinsk, the Russian industrial city.

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comics, people, photo Spider-Man in Moscow

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A natural gas pipeline [exploded]( in western Moscow early Sunday, sending flames up to 200 meters into the air in what a top city official called the largest fire in the capital since World War II.

The spectacular fire drew a large crowd of onlookers, including a person who showed up wearing a Spider-Man suit but abstained from any attempts at heroics. “Mayor himself called me! — Spider-Man announced to everyone. — He asked me to save Moscow from fire!”

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