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Soviet export advertising

“Are you thinking about holidays in the USSR?” Scans by John Coulthard. Click pictures to enlarge.

Sputnik was a Soviet magazine published from 1967 until 1991 by the Soviet press agency Novosti in several languages, targeted at both Eastern Bloc countries and Western nations. It was a digest of the most interesting Soviet news. In addition, the Sputnik touted the achievements of socialist industry. Read More

Olialia Cola

Olialia ColaSexy Cola

A Lithuanian soda brand [Olialia Cola]( could easily win a prize for the most sexy Cola ad.

Секси КолаОляля Кола

Olialia ColaOlialia Cola

Previously at [Naked Lush](

First Beer Commercial in North Korea

North Korea’s latest launch is not missiles, but a TV advertising campaign for a locally-brewed beer.

The advert, billed as the “Pride of Pyongyang”, [promises drinkers]( that the beer will help ease stress. “It represents the new look of Pyongyang. It will be a familiar part of our lives”, the advert says.

Taedonggang Beer Factory has been making the brew since 2002.

Naked Lush

Голые продавщицы

Alexandra Kummer (24) works in Lush shop at Alexanderplatz. Photo: Reuters.

In Berlin, beautiful employees of British cosmetics firm Lush [unwraped themselves]( for the campaign against excessive wrapping in beauty products and toiletries.

They [argue]( that unnecessary plastic packaging is contributing to climate change.

Голые немки скачать

Photos: Reuters.

To reduce their impact on the environment, Lush sell soaps and massage oil bars that have little or no packaging at all.

Голозадый маркетинг

Photo: DAVIDS.

Last year same campaign was driven by employees of the Lush shop in [Wimbledon](