architecture, photo, sports The remnants of Moscow Olympics

24.03.2015 19:25   


The heritage of Moscow 1980 Summer Olympics was shot by Russian photographer Anastasia Tsayder for her project “Olympics”. Olympic buildings, mostly designed in 1975-1978, acted as a manifestation of prosperity and power of the Soviet State, Anastasia Tsayder writes on her portfolio. The remnants of Moscow Olympics serve as an example of what may happen to sport venues over time. Certain locations are still used as intended, some were adapted for new functions, some are left half abandoned. Many buildings did not blend into city structure, initially conceived to be messengers from the future they now look like aliens from the past, the photographer concludes.

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sports This is Russia

13.06.2012 22:23   

Photo: Pascal Lauener/Reuters via The Big Picture.

Russian fans hold up a giant banner before the Euro 2012 soccer match against Poland.