ephemera, marketing, retro Soviet Plastic Bag from Expo 67

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Photo by emma_brown.

This amazing artifact came from the Soviet pavilion at Expo 67. Comrades, drink Stolichnaya vodka and do not forget about fruit compote!

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marketing, retro Soviet export advertising

09.09.2010 23:53   

“Are you thinking about holidays in the USSR?” Scans by John Coulthard. Click pictures to enlarge.

Sputnik was a Soviet magazine published from 1967 until 1991 by the Soviet press agency Novosti in several languages, targeted at both Eastern Bloc countries and Western nations. It was a digest of the most interesting Soviet news. In addition, the Sputnik touted the achievements of socialist industry.

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futurism, retro, transport Soviet era futurism

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Soviet Era Futurism

This illustration of the atomic hover express appears in the Soviet I want to know everything! almanac published in 1969.

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