marketing, retro Soviet liquor and tobacco ads

06.10.2011 00:52   


Liquor and tobacco ads from the Soviet Export magazine, 1957-1989.

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marketing, novosibirsk Liquid jersey

23.08.2011 14:48   

Fabulous ads with the tagline “Orange jersey!” were made for the Russian ISP Electronic City. Laudable attempt to popularize bukkake in Russia.

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ephemera, marketing, retro Soviet Plastic Bag from Expo 67

29.10.2010 20:00    ,

Photo by emma_brown.

This amazing artifact came from the Soviet pavilion at Expo 67. Comrades, drink Stolichnaya vodka and do not forget about fruit compote!

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marketing, retro, transport Soviet Car Ads

29.10.2010 05:16   

Moskvitch 410. Scans by Hugo90.

Another portion of the Soviet export advertising and it’s all about cars this time. Soviet cars weren’t the most comfortable automobiles in the world, but the brands were fancy – Volga, Moskvitch, Zaporozhets.

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infographics, marketing, retro Soviet brochure from Expo 58

15.09.2010 16:28    ,

Scans via jericl cat.

What a stunning brochure of the Soviet pavilion at Expo 58! Remarkable illustrations, good-looking map and scheme, the lovely promo-girl in a bikini advertises leisure in the Soviet Union – what more can you ask for.

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